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The Best Way to Raise Entrepreneurial Children

Well this could be one of the topics where you can give thought to the rants of folks from a generation past. Times are different from what they were like when we were growing, and yes I know how clichéd this sounds. It is true that the present day society has become more connected, but it was what has lead to mass confusion and hysteria. The rat race a term that became synonymous with our generation, will become a magnified affair for the upcoming crop, if the course isn’t corrected. To inculcate values of entrepreneurship among children not only nurtures them to success, but also develops their grit and intelligence.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Here are three ways in which children can be encouraged to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Familiarise them with the idea of risks and rewards

If you want to familiarise your children with the concept of hard work, you must help them develop a fundamental understanding of risk and reward. Instead of sheltering your children from risks and offering rewards, help them embrace a sense of realism. A lot of young individuals today have a misplaced sense of entitlement and lack of accountability towards their jobs and their seniors. Parents must therefore learn to control the urge to shelter their children from everything. When kids are given a glimpse into the real world, they grow up to be responsible and hard-working adults who do good by others.

  • Be a role model

Children emulate their parents from a young age. It is for this reason that parents need to set a good example for their kids through their words and conduct. If you demonstrate to your children how to stay positive in the face of failure, how to seek creative solutions to problems and how to be a self-starter, they'll practice these actions in their day-to-day lives. Creativity, grit and hard work are the key elements of the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Encourage creativity

Unlike adults, children don't employ limitations and filters while thinking of creative ideas. They have the tendency of coming up with the most hilarious and outlandish ideas that they believe can solve the problems of the world. When they tell you about their ideas, don't laugh and discourage them. As parents, you should take their ideas seriously, no matter how silly they may sound. When children learn to focus their energies on thinking unique ideas, they grow up to be individuals who have faith in their business plans.

Schools can only teach facts about entrepreneurship. It is upon parents to forge the entrepreneurial spirit in their children if they want it to take hold in the future. Use the above mentioned tactics to raise entrepreneurial children.

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